Welcome to Wichita HOT

September 25th & 26th

Online Registration Opens May 1st at 1200 Hrs CST!

2021 Keynote Speaker:

Chief Brian Bastinelli

Chief Brian Bastinelli has been involved in emergency services for the last 33 years and has experience as both a volunteer and a career firefighter and fire officer. He’s been with the Harrisburg Bureau of Fire for 26 years and is the publisher of Firemanship – A Journal For Firemen and is a principle planner for the Art Of Firemanship Days conference in Harrisburg, PA.

This year’s keynote is sponsored by Weis Fire!



Early Registration & Vendor Setup: 1300 – 1600 hrs


Opening Ceremony: 0800 – 0815 hrs
Keynote Speech: 0815 – 0945 hrs
Breakout Session: 1000 – 1145 hrs
Lunch: 1150 – 1255 hrs
Breakout Session: 1300 – 1445 hrs
Breakout Session: 1500 – 1645 hrs


Hands-On-Training: 0800 – 1700 hrs


Wichita HOT started in 2007 as a training event for local firefighters. The goal was to teach excellent, aggressive fire tactics to students who might not have the access or funds to attend larger conferences. Over time, attendance expanded to neighboring departments and rural volunteers. The event quickly doubled in size and started bringing in numerous outside instructors. A board was formed from local firefighters to plan and direct the ever growing project. Over the years, this trend has continued and HOT is now a nationally recognized event with several hundred students from across the US. We offer classes for firefighters of all experience levels, from metropolitan career departments to small town volunteers.

Today, Wichita HOT is operated as a cooperative effort between two local organizations. Wichita Fire is the largest department in the state with over 400 full-time, career firefighters. They provide the facilities, apparatus, and other resources without which this event would be impossible. The Fraternal Order of Leatherheads is a group that promotes tradition, training, and brother/sisterhood within the fire service. The local chapter, the FOOLs of Oz, is vital in coordinating HOT, locating instructors, and providing the manpower needed for it to be successful.

Wichita Fire
FOOLs of Oz